Top 21 alternative blogs to follow

March 10, 2015 19:08

Alternative blogs are awesome for exploring the world of alt fashion, getting styling tips and inspiration and connecting with other alternative types from across the world. But, if you’re new to this blogging malarkey, how do you know who to follow? Puzzle over it no more my friends, for here at Outer Cross the team have put together a list of the top 21 blogs to follow.  Some, if you already follow alt blogs regularly, you may have come across before, while others may be new to you; we’ve tried to include large and emerging blogs alike, but all with something great to offer.

A great blog for the grown up goth, bringing you regular alternative fashion editorials catered to your dark side, with links to many great items to purchase.

Naelle enthusiastically blogs about her DIY projects, make-up, and her art, her life adventures, and the alt style she loves so much.

Sapphire uses her kawaii blog to discuss life issues and her own take on fashion which is heavily influenced by Japansese street style, gyaru and Lolita


Jenny’s sleek and stylish rock blog exists to share her obsession with Blink182. But she does discuss other things too; outfits, life and awesome rock shows.

This brilliant blog is aimed at the woman with a passion for animals and saving the planet, but who doesn’t want to lose her alternative and edgy style despite her convictions

A little different to the others so far Bleaq is an honest and compelling blog looking at the dark side of art, design, photography and fashion

Bones and lilies is a goth style blog written by Karoliina from Finland. See her amazing outfits and make-up for inspiration


Described as a macabre empire this excellent blog covers all things dark fashion, music and art.

Olivia blogs about fashion and her personal style which we would describe as daring rock chick

  •  Feeling Vague

  • Follow feeling vague for posts on snippets of Amber’s alternative wardrobe. A great blog for fashion inspiration

Sarah blogs her personal style, alt fashion, post punk and veganism which all makes for a very interesting read

Ellone’s blog gives you a peek into her head, her ideas, dreams and her amazing wardrobe, which she describes as lacking colour.

The musings of moth, yes, that’s her name, cover her love of all things macabre and her own dark style

Check out  Meagan’s fascinating blog for her 80s inspired alt fashion

Goth Hukutettu Nukke shares her inspirations and interests in her excellent blog Black Widow Sanctuary


This tumblr blog sources the best pastel goth, nu goth and creepy cute fashion pieces for your interest, has lists of relevant shops and stores, and even a list of shops it’s best to avoid because of poor customer service

An awesome goth blog covering a wide range of topics including music, fashion, décor and the goth scene itself

  • Nu goth style  

    This one is not so much a blog as a facebook community for Nu goths. Nu goth style also has a tumblr blog of the same name with some great posts

An alternative fashion journalist, so you know it’s well written, Amaranth blogs about alternative style and the scene in general

This is another tumblr dedicated to the pastel goth, kawaii and nu goth scene. It has a section dedicated to approved shops and awesomely, a whole section dedicated to guys!