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Outer Cross : independent alt brand

An alternative clothing and accessories brand from the magical land of the wacky and freaky UK; but shipping our awesome apparel worldwide. So, all you peeps everywhere, can join in the rebellion against the fake fashion style of the drones, and sheep, of this world. Our independent label; displaced and rejected by mainstream culture and fashion industry, is a fantabulous, off de hook, range of apparel perfect for raising yer middle finger to authority, instead of conforming to the norm. Our brand is as fringe, as attention grabbing, and as F**K YOU as we dare, there’s no holding us back!

We give ya all an independent, unconventional online shopping experience like no other. We're the number one place to go to for alternative clothing and accessories because we won’t be told who should wear what, and we give the best, and fastest, customer service out there! Our jewellery gives you the freedom of self-expression ya lurrve to unleash; our tees step over the line of acceptability and style; and our hoodies and sweaters are ideal expressions of yerr unpredictability and alternative inclinations. And all our items come with a guaranteed dark twist!!

Experiment with music, experiment with sex, experiment with style; but do it all with Outer Cross in mind, because whether you class your personal style as goth, new grunge, soft grunge, nu goth, or whatever; if your style has an edge, is one of rebellion, aggression and unique subversion, you’ve come to the right place – we’re phenomenal.

Grab yer fave hellacious alt hoodies, tshirts, sweatshirts, jewellery, socks and accessories here. Our brand thrills and gratify deviants, outcasts and mischief makers galore.

Outer Cross - purely different